The Women In Defence Awards program celebrates talented, determined, successful women who make a positive impact in the defence business arena, as members of Defence industry, Australian Public Service (APS) or in uniform. 

Submissions can be self nominated or entered by a third party. Eligible achievements to have taken place in the 2020 calendar year.

Entries will close at 4pm, Thursday 1st April 2021.  

How to Enter

Step 1 — Determine Eligibility

To be eligible, the individual being nominated must have been employed in the defence business arena, as members of Defence industry, Australian Public Service (APS) or in uniform during the 2020 calendar year. 

Step 2 — Choose the Most Appropriate Category

Select the category that best suits the individual’s skills. Written responses must be typed into the appropriate text boxes. All entries have a 250 word limit per question that cannot be exceeded. 

Step 3 — Prepare the Relevant Supporting Materials

Entrants are encouraged to provide relevant supporting material if it helps to explain the individuals achievements. Please limit supporting materials to 3 examples. These can include a CV/resume, reference letters or case studies. 

A high resolution head-shot photo of the individual being nominated is required for all entries (minimum 300 DPI). 

The supporting materials may be used should the individual be selected as a finalist. Please ensure you have gained the relevant approvals before submitting any materials. 

Step 4 — Complete the entry process and payment online. 

All entries must be submitted online by the entry deadline: 4pm, Thursday 1st April 2021. 

A merchant fee applies to all entries. 1.6% for Visa and Mastercard and 3.1% for American Express. These charges will be added to your total and reflected in your payment summary and receipt.

Nomination Tips

  • Make it relevant to the 2020 milestone.
  • Tell a story, anecdotes to support data is important.
  • Out of hours activities to support the defence community are welcome.
  • Judges are looking to get a sense of the person alongside their achievements.